Have you got WiFi – Help Meeeee!!!!!!!!?

This sometimes can be the greeting we receive from our new incoming guest. ‘Yes, we have’ is our reply.

All the panic and anxiety is seen to disappear from them as soon as they hear those lifesaving words.

‘Yes, we have WiFi’.

Technology and connect ability is a marvelous thing, but don’t let it rob you of the sights and sounds of where you have been. So intent are we of posting where we are, what we’re doing, that we don’t see what we are looking at.

The main daily objective now seems to be to get the best selfie in the best location, post it, wait for the response and how many likes we get, then onto the next location to take and post the next installment, without taking a moment to absorb their surroundings.

It wasn’t so long ago that we had to wait until we returned from holiday then have our Kodak film developed at the chemist before showing all our friends where we had been. This ritual seemed to prolong the holiday enjoyment as after enduring a week of excited anticipation waiting for your photos being developed, the holiday was relieved each time you meet with a friend or relative to show your prized holiday pictures. Now we have shown everyone the digital images before we have even left the location we took them (unless you are somewhere without a signal – arg ). Once returned home the holiday is over and everyone knows what you did and what you saw.

Visiting Scotland can’t be rushed, take your time see the views, walk on the beaches, surf the waves, watch the wildlife, climb the mountains, eat the food, and taste whiskey and relax. Your postings can wait till you get back to civilization. What a talking point you be, when you have been out of signal for days – how did you survive, you will be asked. There will also be many days’ enjoyment reliving your holiday in Scotland with your friends and family over a ‘we dram’ you’ll  have acquired along your journey. All this extra enjoyment we give to you for free.

Don’t Panic too much – Yes, we do have Free Wi-Fi